More About Me

Born and raised in Sebastopol, I've been a Sonoma County resident most all of my life, it's a great place to live! My twenty-year background in financial management and business ownership provide professional experience to support clients. I am honest, sincere and loyal with experience on both the buyer and seller sides personally and professionally. After making a commitment to follow my life-long interest in real estate, I earned my license so I can help guide people through the process. 


I am a loyal partner. One of the most common responses when asking for feedback on my service is dedication. Clients, vendors, friends and family know that I am committed and trustworthy, providing what it takes to see through a transaction and beyond.


One of the things I am very proud of is my ability to be myself. I provide strategies and work with my clients to support smart decisions and devote my time and energy to ensure satisfaction. I am known to be respectful, kind, passionate and driven.


I've been in the business world for a long time and have experienced a number of unique situations. My ability to communicate and provide solutions, opinions, and various approaches allows my clients peace of mind in knowing I will support them throughout the process.

I guide people to make smart real estate decisions that enrich their lives.


Heidi grew up in Sebastopol and has a long relationship with Sonoma County, which includes a family heritage dating back to 1938. With an abundance of dedication to the community, her long-term knowledge of the area allows her to share the history as well as the progression of growth in beautiful Wine Country.